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Fine Dining

“What the rise of experiential travel reiterates is that travelers want greater flexibility, more choice and a more personalized trip that’s in their control.”

— Experiential Travel, How the Industry is Adapting, Vado.app

In a Private Tour from Newport Jaguar Tours, you will Reach Destinations and have Experiences that no Trolley or Bus Tour can Provide.

Newport Jaguar Tours will pick you up and demonstrate that your comfort and our experiences are unparalleled as you immerse yourself in a luxurious guided private tour of Newport, and greater Newport County. All tours come with highlighted destinations, and stories unique to Newport, and then can be customized in more specific ways to your liking.

The classic Jaguars carry one to four passengers in private tours…two people tops if you’re in a convertible, with a certain nimbleness required for the person in the rear seat. (Yes, what one will do for the summer sun and the wind in the hair.)  Ask about the availability of multiple cars for larger groups—we connect the cars through Bluetooth so everyone hears the same live guided tour. A gourmet champagne picnic lunch is available on full-day, private tours. A stop at a fabulous seaside restaurant, lobster shack or country inn is another option on a full-day, private tour.


Included in all private tours is important, fun information and views of Newport’s famous scenic beauty, architecture and more, as well as experiencing amazing history and stories about its famous and infamous citizens. Let us know where your interests lie and we will customize a tour for you.

Experience the Panoply of Local Fine Dining

On full-day private tours, you will be transported to a local iconic dining place for your lunch, unless you book a gourmet, champagne picnic lunch. (See next choice.) These restaurants include establishments known for majestic ocean views or, to experience the full array and character of local dining, you could choose a lobster shack, a country inn, or restaurants that specialize in local seafood. Please indicate, when booking a full-day private tour, that you are also electing this option and you will be given choices by your guide. There is no additional charge, the restaurant expenses are yours.

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