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Questions & Answers About NJT Private Tours

Newport Jaguar Tours will enable you to reach destinations that no trolley or bus can access. And the comfort is unparalleled in comparison, not to mention the exclusivity. We will pick you up and provide an unmatched guided private tour to wonderful destinations unique to Newport, and customize your tour with subject matter of most interest to you.

You can do it online on our website but if more than four people are to tour please call us to make that reservation and discuss tour options.

Typically, our tours are a minimum of three hours, or a full day in length, depending on variables. Half-day tours usually begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at noon, or begin at 1 p.m. and conclude at 4 p.m. Full-day tours begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at 4 p.m., with a lunch hour in the midday. However, we can be more flexible. On some occasions, predicated on available cars and drivers, different hours and durations can be requested. Please inquire.

Yes, but lengthy stops only if you request it. Stopping is fun and part of every tour. For example, once your driver knows your goals for the tour, he will be able to give you a good idea of how long you should stop (or what you might miss with too many stops). If you plan to take an extended tour of some place, say a Newport mansion, you might want to consider scheduling that at the conclusion of your Jaguar tour and purchasing tickets beforehand.

The saloon motorcars (four doors) carry up to four passengers on any given guided private tour, with a two-passenger minimum. The car is for you, your family, or your friends only. You decide who comes along. Exclusivity is one of the cornerstones of this experience. If you choose to be driven in a Jaguar convertible it is for one to two passengers only. (If two passengers ride, it would help if the person in the rear seat is somewhat diminutive.)

You can opt for NJT to prepare a gourmet champagne picnic lunch. The cost is $185 per person with a two-person minimum and includes champagne and gourmet foods in a lovely picnic basket complete with real china, silverware, wine glasses and more, plus a picnic blanket and folding chairs. As another option, on full-day trips we can also take you to a fabulous seaside restaurant for lunch and drinks. Those expenses are yours alone.

Drinking, yes — passengers only. BYOB: white wine or beer only (no red wine). Passengers must be 21 or over and, if asked, show ID. (Being reasonable is requested, especially on a wine-tasting tour.) NJT will provide a cooler with ice if requested. No form of smoking or vaping is allowed.

Yes, provided there is room. (If you don’t have a dog and would like one to come along we can bring Tedward, the Bernese Mountain Dog, if there is space.) Keep in mind that not all places we stop will accommodate pets, and extra stops may be required.

The classic Jaguars are at least 20 years old. The four-door Jags are what the Brits call a “saloon,” a stylish way to say 4-D sedan. Saloons made by Jaguar combine superior comfort with notable design and performance. A Jaguar convertible is available on a select basis for scenic top-down experiences. A Jag ragtop will accommodate one to two passengers, the smallest in the rear. That’s why it is ideal for our Singles Tour or a Date Nite, but any of our cars can be provided for these purposes.

Yes, subject to availability. We regularly transport large groups in multiple Jags and, in fact, have perfected a way for each car to hear the same live guided tour and ask questions every motorcar can hear. (Hint: bring an ear bud with your phone.) That way, at the end of the tour, your group will appreciate that you all had the same tour experience. Groups larger than four persons require telephone booking. When two or more cars are requested, the last will be billed at a rate equal to a minimum of two people.

Unfortunately, no, unless it is the convertible option and one is available. As for the four-door cars, at any one time they are engaged in multiple tours and choosing, say, a particular color, would not be possible logistically.

No, only drivers with tour training and authorization from the company can drive.

Yes, subject to availability, but since weddings are usually scheduled far in advance, chances are good we will have a wedding motorcar for you and other motorcars if needed.

Yes, weather permitting; we prefer a good deal of advance ordering in the winter months, but try us at any time.

Customers will be charged a tour fee, plus a 20% service fee, and RI sales tax of 7% is applicable to both.  A gratuity is up to you if you wish to reward your driver at the end of your tour.

After booking, cancellation is subject to a 50 percent processing fee. Out-of-pocket advances for such things as food, ferry reservations, tickets, etc, are not refundable. Any one-car cancellations received within 14 days of a scheduled tour, will forfeit 100% of your fees. Any multiple-car cancellations received within 30 calendar days of your scheduled tour or event will forfeit 100% of your fees. Any no-shows forfeit all fees. Full prepayment is required at time of booking. If for any reason Newport Jaguar Tours needs to cancel or modify a tour you will receive a pro-rated refund.

Before every tour, all of our Jaguar motorcars are cleaned and sanitized for your comfort and safety. Should any passenger become ill in the car from the consumption of alcohol anywhere before, after, or during a tour, there will be a $300 cleanup fee applied; $600 if it happens during a morning tour and the car cannot be cleaned in time to be used for an afternoon tour.